Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Blogger? Me?

It was about time...
They say, 'there is a first time for everything'.  
Well here I am writing it, my first post for my first personal blog. I feel a mix of nervosity, excitement, what-are-you-thinking...but the truth is, the idea of a blog has been running through my head for the past four years. 

SO THIS IS IT, today IS the day.

Where have I been in those last FOUR years? I was in London studying at University*, working on various projects as well as doing internships**, discovering the town to its heart and meeting all kinds of new people. At the same time, I traveled vastly, visited my family and friends in Geneva (my hometown), and so really, I did not give myself the time to sit down and just DO the blog already. In July I graduated (woot woot!)(or, in other words: I am jobless) and now I guess there is no excuse. And I am glad. Glad that studying years are over, happy to be out of the education system, to finally be able to dedicate my days to this place > right here <, where I look forward to share lively bits of my life and interact with the world. Also, this is the first step that I am taking to publicly display my illustrations to a wider audience, which is something I never did much. 

Regarding the title of my blog, I knew it well before I thought of the content:  

AdZastra, denoting the stars and connoting space, night & light, energy, destiny, and so much more. Ever since I can remember I have always been attracted to stars; not just their beauty and the sight of them, but their shape too (I have to say, it is ridiculous the amount of things I easily buy because of this - who still have their Ikea star-shaped light in their room?). 

On a personal note, I have two tattoos related to stars & co. The one on the back is in actual fact the coordinates of the star named after me.
Finally, to close this ★ section, my full name in Mongolian signifies 'Bright moon'***. I am sure now you all understand my affiliation since pre-birth with those wonders.

In this blog, there will be photographies, illustrations, and my personal thoughts on...

  • Fashion - always the truth, only the truth, just the truth (should be fun).
  • Travels - here & there, everywhere.
  • Lifestyle - my looks & bites****

I now enter the blogosphere, and you may officially call me a blogger.

Hope you like it (& comments are always welcome).

x aZ

* London College of Fashion
** placements at Peter Pilotto, AllSaints.
*** named after my grandfather, great poet.
**** nom nom nom

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