Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Started the week with a first shooting of street style in the center of Geneva town (five whole hours walking up and down >!< with the help of a friend* whom I'd like to thank again for being my eyes behind my back). A grey but warm day, some streets were quiet while others were busy with different kinds of people minding their own business'. This little 'project' was something that was on my mind before I even started the blog, when more and more I felt that something could be done to promote the 'style scene' in our beautiful little town. At the same time, one of my aims with this blogging is to inspire my readers/viewers to want to express themselves through wear. In my words,

Shot by *Sinan Uzal

Style isn't so much about making an effort to 'dress up', but more importantly, it's about taking the time to find out what it is that corresponds to one or many of the facets of your individuality; thinking about who you are or who you want to/can be. It's about your personal taste, your thoughts, and also your experiences, what you like and how would you show it so that your clothes/accessories isn't only your second skin, but an outer reflection of your inner self. Style is your personality coming through, however changing it may be because it can always evolve. And that is the beauty of style. It grows with you, helping you understand further just who you really are.

By the way, my personal coined word is toptom 
(top + bottom = head to toe details)

So, camera in hand, style-radar on, I ran after a few people who caught my eye...

  • Advertiser  
  • Cashmere jacket made in Turkey

  • Editor of Eyes magazine
  • Suitsupply

Simple yet classy.

  • Salesman at The Kooples
  • Toptom: ...kooples!

Sure he works there, but this put-together outfit is his choice. Dreadlocks and sharp suit is definitely attitude. Neat.

  • Jacket: Zara 
  •  Shoes: No Name at Pomp It Up store

Color combination is spot on and I like how she added the extra shimmer without too much of it, enhancing those of the jacket.

She was dazzling. She was just sitting there oozing glamour. I mean, how often do you see people in Geneva, dressed like her?
  • Hat: Marie Mercié
  • Jacket, skirt & purse: vintage Chanel 
  • Grandmother's brooch

Of course, she is Parisian...

First time I'm seeing these worn in Geneva. Daytime.

  • Prostitute
  • Shoes: Dosenbach

  • Studying BA in Communications
  • Hat: H&M
  • Scarf & bag from London
  • Shoes: Puma

I like the urban ethnic vibe she is creating by matching the colorful prints of her scarf and bag with the shoes.

  • Him
  • Shoes: Vivienne Westwood (in Geneva!), ordered online.

  •  Tour guide
  • Watch: Swatch

Everything complements everything > jumper> shoes> watch> glasses...

  •  Student taking a gap year
  • Watch: Casio
  • Shoes: Nike

Plain cool.

  • Student in hospitality

Too much fringe can be, well, too much. But here it's working nicely along with the light and dark shaded fur.

  • Studying chemistry
  • Most of his items are purchased in France & London (no particular brand)

The colors are perfect but I love the whole look because it really shows his curious nature.

Thank you to everyone for kindly accepting to be taken in photo!

 Merci à tous pour avoir gentiment accepté d'être pris en photo!

With this, I hope that in a near future Geneva will not only be known as a site for its swiss heritage, international diplomacy, wine/chocolate/cheese, swiss-knives, what have you... but also a place where, in a larger scale, its inhabitants know & show style. Who knows, if one day it can become a fashion least I'd like to believe it can because the potential is there. In the meantime,



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