Saturday, 22 February 2014

SAG Awards (or more like Julia's dress)

Better late than never!*

Julia Roberts at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

'Chaaa arm ing'
Julia, I love you. In Pretty Woman, Stepmom, Erin Brockovich, even in Oceans Twelve, and especially in Eat, Pray, Love, you're such an incredibly charismatic and inspiring actress. 
How can we not love you! 

And yes you've aged beautifully, have a great natural figure for a mother of 46... ok, so what's my point? Remember my Golden Globes '14 post ? Well, I just thought I'd support my argument over her D&G dress - which not many people liked - in a 'see what I meeean' way, where to me personally, as dazzling as she is, her arms covered are simply more appealing. 
Nooow you sort of agree and like her first look? Mmmh... =) 
Can't wait to see what she'll wear at the Oscars...!

* (It always feels satisfyingly nice to use this sentence in such cases... right? Like 'Meh...', but heeey, better laaate than neevaaa... *wink*)

[Photo credz: i. Huffingtonpost ii. Justjared]

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Oh Dior...

February 12, 1947

Quick sketch of 'Bar' ensemble 
... 67 years ago on this day, Monsieur Dior presented his historical Haute Couture collection, introducing the one and only 
'New Look'.
Taille de guêpe, plus de plis... et la jupe est tombée!
What a surprise, what a shock, what a sudden change in the world of mode! One that revolutionized women's dress forever, rejuvenated style from the ashes of the war, and reinforced Paris as the leader in Fashion. The city's streets are stirring; some women are applauding the return of their lost femininity, while others are fighting against it. 
Probably the most expensive garment to own at that time, with all the fabric used - what a luxury. Equally so, the most detested for it in days of rationing - what arrogance.
Oh but that is why I love this man! 

Cheers genius x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014



 Shoes - Office & iPhone 5 cover by GetUncommon 

My two favorite prints of the moment! 


To me however, when it comes to print, it has to be the right kind (by that I mean the shapes, and especially the colors). These two are JUST right.
Either Rain stop for a while please, or Spring come a bit quicker for me to SLIP-ON those x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Little Grey Riding Hood...

#Adzelfies the rainy streets of London.
(Totally inappropriately dressed for the weather, but I was out for a professional meeting...***)

One can never go wrong with 
white + navy blue + grey


  • Eyewear Dior
  • Cashmere cloak - Gobi (from Mongolia)
  • White wool jumper - Zara
  • Navy blue trousers - Lanificio F.lli Cerruti
  • Bag - Premier Flirt, Lancel
  • 'Ballerina' shoe - Salvatore Ferragamo

Monday, 3 February 2014


While in the West one can practically skate on the Hudson River, here in Europe the weather acted disconcertingly - yet nicely - weird. A white winter was non-existent, as it barely. did. NOT. snow in Geneva... craaayyy. 
I keep a track of the weather forecast thanks to my birthday date just before Christmas, and, in 'normal winter' conditions, G town is usually already covered in snow by that time. Sadly in the previous years, less and less. Tell me,



Really, I spent all December looking out of the window and looking up to the sky like "cooome ooon... snooow already!!!". 
I guess on the bright side (and what I meant by 'nicely'), one can go out in the cold more stylishly, and not look like a marshmallow all the time.

In the beautiful setting outside the Swiss National Museum, a day at Château de Prangins, HERE IS ME LAYERING...

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Apologies for the short absence, but for those who follow me on Insta @Zastra3 (and the facebook page /adzastra), my last photos will show that I've been away in the mountains (...). And after all, it was (is) TSAGAAN SAR - 'White Moon' - in other words, the Lunar New Year, well spent with the family. Festivities, greetings, wishes & prayers, buuz-eating record... most importantly,


Mongol & New Moon (15 min. illustration)

This year, just like a wild and free horse, 

I am going to gallop my way to victories and unexpected adventures.

 Energy is high, and I will travel as much as I possibly can. 

Swift and smooth, nothing can stop me.