Monday, 3 February 2014


While in the West one can practically skate on the Hudson River, here in Europe the weather acted disconcertingly - yet nicely - weird. A white winter was non-existent, as it barely. did. NOT. snow in Geneva... craaayyy. 
I keep a track of the weather forecast thanks to my birthday date just before Christmas, and, in 'normal winter' conditions, G town is usually already covered in snow by that time. Sadly in the previous years, less and less. Tell me,



Really, I spent all December looking out of the window and looking up to the sky like "cooome ooon... snooow already!!!". 
I guess on the bright side (and what I meant by 'nicely'), one can go out in the cold more stylishly, and not look like a marshmallow all the time.

In the beautiful setting outside the Swiss National Museum, a day at Château de Prangins, HERE IS ME LAYERING...


  • Sleeveless jumper - Mongolian knitwear I took from my Dad who was not wearing it 
(so... I suggest you try your Dad's closet?)
  • Faux-fur gilet - Zara (old)
  • Jeans - H&M (old)

The best thing about layering, when done right, is you never get too cold or too hot. Think of covering the areas where you're most 'chilly', and try not to have all body parts 'enveloped' - like using sleeveless is ideal (whether that's the shirt or the jumper).

    (Accidentally found myself color-matching... Booyah!)
    (Flirting with this bag these days - xmas present - the perfect bucket bag x)

    ǀ Photography: twin sis' a.k.a Peanut

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