Saturday, 22 February 2014

SAG Awards (or more like Julia's dress)

Better late than never!*

Julia Roberts at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

'Chaaa arm ing'
Julia, I love you. In Pretty Woman, Stepmom, Erin Brockovich, even in Oceans Twelve, and especially in Eat, Pray, Love, you're such an incredibly charismatic and inspiring actress. 
How can we not love you! 

And yes you've aged beautifully, have a great natural figure for a mother of 46... ok, so what's my point? Remember my Golden Globes '14 post ? Well, I just thought I'd support my argument over her D&G dress - which not many people liked - in a 'see what I meeean' way, where to me personally, as dazzling as she is, her arms covered are simply more appealing. 
Nooow you sort of agree and like her first look? Mmmh... =) 
Can't wait to see what she'll wear at the Oscars...!

* (It always feels satisfyingly nice to use this sentence in such cases... right? Like 'Meh...', but heeey, better laaate than neevaaa... *wink*)

[Photo credz: i. Huffingtonpost ii. Justjared]

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