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(8 months later...)

I am actually pretty excited to be back here again, writing, and just about to post a few pictures from my last fun little project I did in Mongolia during my summer holidays: STREET STYLE SHOOT!
A lot of you will remember one I did almost two years ago (!) in my little hometown in Switzerland, Geneva Street Style, which is by far in the blog's Top 3! If you haven't seen it yet, just click. Also, read again to understand how I perceive "style". 

Meeting point

 This time I wanted to capture the vibe in Ulaanbaatar, my motherland city! I always used to think, and still think, how amazing it would be to have a wider and more established fashion scene in my homeland (just like good ol' Geneva). And by that I mean to put forward creativity, self-expressed individuals, daring and unique characters shaking perceptions of what it means to dress well, but most importantly, to dress for yourself. So, once again - this time with a little 'call-out' announcement online few days prior - camera in hand and the best group of friends for support, I went chasing.


Student I. Love her young personality coming through in this outfit. Pretty with a bit of tomboy.

Student II.
Finds her inspiration on the internet. I love the graphism and different prints; it shows she likes to experiment and try new things.

Flowers. Numbers. Leopard. Hand-made henna.

All in one.

Worker. Music inspired - instrumental, new beats...
Just like his musical genre, there is something urban and easy cool about his look.


She wanted to have pink against her dark hair. Instead she got blue from the mix. Some accidents are beautiful.

The killer duo.

Red lips always win. From the first sight I loved their attitude.

(Nike in Hong Kong seems to be way much cooler!?)

Businesswoman. Love the summer feel of her look; very retro modernized.

Studs and polka dots. Spot on.

Can you believe she made her own backpack? And not just any, but a see-through one. Probably the coolest I've ever seen. I wonder how long it took her. On trend and real skills girl.

That's a wrap folks!

A BIG THANKS, BAYARLALAA, to everyone who participated. Hoping for more of these kind of projects in the future. Special thanks to my cousin for translating the message, and my crazy group of three (you know who you are)


PS: spread this, with credits, and share your thoughts!

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