Lac de Genève

Ad Astra means "to the stars" in Latin, and it originates from the phrase Sic Itur Ad Astra  

("Thus, you shall go to the stars"/"Thus, the way to the stars")*

 Born in Mongolia and raised in Switzerland, my nature-loving parents embarked me and my twin sister** to various places around the world. As a nomadic descendant, travelling is a big part of my life and my identity; from this upbringing I have learned to embrace diversity and multiculturalism. Known to have an outgoing personality, I live for shared invigoration and I am constantly in explorer mode.

I have been drawing since early childhood, loving art in all its aspects including fashion and its history. (Recently I graduated from the London College of Fashion with a bachelor degree in Fashion Illustration).

 This first personal blog is a reflection of my growing experiences in life through travels, a look into my illustrations and a glimpse into my versastyle***

  • Sagittarius 
  • Serious 'gourmande'
  • Life word: Dare       

* from Virgil, the ancient Roman poet.
** yes, identical.
*** moods, you know.