Confirmed November 4, 2013
 Bravo to Nicolas Ghesquière *, Louis Vuitton's new womenswear Creative Director

'Disney Speedy' old art project

* (previously at Balenciaga)(more to come)

October 1, 2013
While in the capital of France the fashion & co societies are celebrating at the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Bon Marché Celebration, in this last night of Paris Fashion Week, I am looking back at an old art project of mine (2007): 

LV x David Willardson = The Disney Speedy bag

I love Disney*, but I am fond of the house of Louis Vuitton (I can dedicate an entire blog for them, but I think a future post will suffice).

They will be presenting their COLLECTION FEMME PRINTEMPS-ETE 2014, tomorrow 02/10, at 10 (CEST)
As a loyal follower, I have the pleasure of inviting you to their show LIVE. (Jacobs & team, blow us away)**

* no shame
** (rumors: it might be his last collection for LV...)

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